Layers Chicken Cage 128 Birds


High quality battery cage made from  hot deep galvanized cage mesh which  ensure your cage remains protected from corrosion and rust for 20 years at least .The biggest  advantage of layer cages is increasing egg production to 98%, and its very easy to handle chicken waste and reduce disease transmission.



  • Our cages are made of hot-dip galvanizing process hence completely galvanized, they are not prone to corrosion and rust, and has a long service life of over 20 years.
  • The material of our layers cage are made of high quality Q235 material, because the cage of this kind of material has large elasticity and is not prone to deformation, and is also more suitable for layer breeding.
  • Chicken cage layout -3 tires or 4 tires with automatic feeding equipment’s
  • Big sliding door design that makes it easy to pick chicken, The density of bottom cage mesh can prevent feather and anus pecking and prevent layer chicken fatigue syndrome.
  • Automated controlled system
  • High stock density, floor saving & cost efficient
  • Easy maintenance and operation;
  • Cost efficient in  feeding, drinking and save labor.
  • We offer a free design service based on the size of poultry house or coop you want.
  • We also offer deliveries country wide

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